10 Apartment-Friendly Cardio Moves

Facing challenging times requires us to adapt and change the ways we can stay fit, healthy, and happy. For many of us, this means we follow #stayathome advice, to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

But staying at home doesn’t need to mean being inactive and stuck on the sofa all day. Some of the most intense, satisfying cardio workouts can be done in the convenience of your apartment.

With these ten apartment-friendly cardio drills, you can actively use this period of downtime to get in the best shape of your life. Keeping fit and toned also prepares you to enjoy the best results possible from cosmetic procedures.

So, put on your gym clothes, crank some music, set your phone to stopwatch, and let’s get in shape!


Burpees are the king of space-restricted cardio moves.

From a standing position, squat down and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor, jump back into the top of a push-up position, or a plank, then jump your feet back towards your hands and stand up. That’s the basic burpee.

You can add difficulty by completing a push-up from the plank position, or completing a full knee-tuck jump as you return to standing position.

Mountain Climbers

Get into a plank position (top push-up position), and alternately bring your knees to your chest. Try and do this as if you were running upstairs with high knees. This will work out your lower abs, shoulders, calves, and entire leg.

High Knees

Standing straight, place your hands in from of your waist and alternately bring your things up to slap your hands. This can be an explosive movement or a recovery exercise and is excellent for waist mobility, calf definition.


Standing straight, place your hands over your buttocks and alternately bring your heels to your hands, kicking your butt.

Jumping Lunges

Standing straight, step forward with your left leg and lunge so a 90degree angle forms between your knee and hamstring. From here, jump and switch legs. This is a fantastic exercise to mold your thighs and buttocks while burning calories.

Jumping Jacks

Standing straight, jump your legs outwards while bringing your hands over your head so that you look like you’re making snow angels.

This full-body movement is excellent for hip and shoulder mobility, also as an active recovery exercise.

Jumping Squats

These intense cardio moves improve ankle, knee, hip health while working the entire leg and core. From standing, squat down on your haunches, then jump as high as possible. These are demanding but very effective.


This move is excellent for active recovery and sculpting your lower body. Once your heart rate is significantly elevated with the above movements, place your back against a wall, move your feet out in front and lower yourself into a sitting position, so your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Alternating Elbow Planks

This maneuver demands upper body strength coordination and is also wonderful for active recovery. Assume the top push-up position, then slowly drop your left arm, so the elbow touches the floor, with your whole forearm along the floor. Follow with your right arm, so you are now supporting yourself on your forearms. Return to straight arms and continue.

Body Shake

This final move lubricates all joints in the body and provides excellent active recovery. From standing position, simply bob up and down gently on your toes, and let your limbs go limp, moving with the jumping motion. This move helps get in touch with your body and to find any stress points.

These exercises can be done in a flow, going from one activity to another, with rest in-between each exercise. Vary the number of repetitions and duration of rest according to how difficult you want to do your workout!

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