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What if there were a procedure that could treat hair loss, acne scars, and the signs of age? It may sound too good to be true, but PRP therapy makes it all possible. Être is proud to be on the forefront of cosmetic dermatology by offering patients in New Orleans this exciting treatment.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that harnesses the regenerative properties of growth factors found in a patient’s. Injecting these growth factors or applying them topically delivers rejuvenating effects for the skin. PRP therapy works at the cellular level to produce real results, from reducing the appearance of scars to treating hair loss. And when performed with microneedling, the healing properties of PRP therapy are even more pronounced.

Choose PRP therapy with Être, and discover the benefits of cosmetic dermatology’s most cutting-edge treatment.

For skin and hair rejuvenation, contact Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center at 504.227.3873 to schedule your personal consultation for PRP therapy in New Orleans.

New Orleans PRP Therapy Explained

During a PRP therapy treatment, we’ll start by drawing your blood. This step will be familiar if you are a blood donor or have ever needed routine lab testing. Then, we’ll spin the blood in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets, which contain regenerative growth factor proteins called platelets. Finally, we inject this platelet-rich plasma apply it topically in the areas of concern.

Once injected, the reparative growth factors quickly get to work and stimulate skin cell regeneration. Platelets play a crucial role in tissue repair and regeneration, so PRP therapy essentially jumpstarts the body’s innate healing process.


PRP With Microneedling

When performed simultaneously, microneedling and PRP therapy are the perfect complement to each other. Here’s why: Microneedling creates controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, which stimulates collagen production and rejuvenates the skin. Simultaneously, creates a direct pathway for the platelet-rich plasma to penetrate deeper into the skin. These benefits make the treatment more efficient and allows platelets to work where they’re needed most.

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Ideal Candidates for New Orleans PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is minimally invasive, so it’s a suitable treatment for most healthy men and women. In addition, since the injections contain substances from the patient’s, the risk of a poor reaction is minimal.

Patients seeking PRP therapy in New Orleans typically want to address the following:

  • Facial rejuvenation: PRP therapy stimulates the production of collagen, which can help soften fine lines and wrinkles, plump up gaunt areas, revitalize the undereye area, and produce overall facial rejuvenation.
  • Reduce acne scars: When performed with microneedling, PRP therapy is an excellent method of improving skin texture and smoothing out skin indentations like deep-pitted acne scars.
  • Treat hair loss: PRP therapy stimulates cell growth within the skin, which provides favorable conditions for new hair growth. When used for treating hair loss, PRP can help stimulate inactive or dormant hair follicles. When started soon enough, PRP therapy can stop hair loss in its tracks.

Être: Your Destination for PRP Therapy in New Orleans

From your initial consultation to your follow-up appointments, the board-certified dermatologists of Être are dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction. Their courteous staff and beautiful facility will put you at ease as you begin your journey toward considering cosmetic enhancements.

Both Dr. Lisa Donofrio and Dr. Kyle Coleman are renowned in their field. They provide the highest level of care for patients. During your consultation for PRP therapy, they will take the time to listen to your needs. You will also receive a custom treatment plan to achieve your cosmetic goals. Patients who choose Être can expect a truly individualized approach  every step of the way.

For skin and hair rejuvenation, contact Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center at 504.227.3873 to schedule your personal consultation for PRP therapy in New Orleans.

New Orleans PRP Therapy FAQs

Pain tolerances vary from patient to patient, with a mild to moderate range of discomfort during PRP injections. While we take every precaution to make your experience as pleasant as possible, you may experience brief pinches of pain when we draw blood and when we inject the PRP using small needles.

The answer to this question depends on the location and severity of your cosmetic concerns. Some patients find success after only one injection, while others require multiple treatment sessions over time to achieve their desired results.

Surgeons and dentists have been using platelet-rich plasma in regenerative medicine and post-operative healing for more than three decades.

More recently, plastic surgery, implant surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and spinal fusion surgery have employed the technology. Latest research advancements have allowed us to replicate PRP therapy’s positive results for aesthetic medicine.

Board-certified dermatologists are excellent clinicians to perform PRP therapy for cosmetic enhancements. They have achieved extensive training and experience, and adhere to the highest ethical standards in medicine to provide safe, effective health care. 

To learn about Être’s highly dedicated physicians, feel free to review our credentials online or schedule a consultation today.

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