How an InstaLift Can Lift Sagging Facial Skin

Officially known as a Silhouette InstaLift, InstaLift in New Orleans, Louisiana, has become a popular aesthetic procedure that lets you improve your appearance against visible signs of aging. Excitingly, InstaLift achieves its results through a minimally invasive approach, making it even more appealing to a wider range of patients.   InstaLift dramatically lifts sagging facial Read More »

Why Should I Choose Evoke And Evolve For Facial Remodeling And Body Contouring?

Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center in New Orleans is proud to offer Inmode Evoke and Inmode Evolve radiofrequency-based cosmetic therapy systems to rejuvenate, tighten, and contour your skin. In the process, they help you obtain a younger and restructured appearance while at the same time reducing unwanted fat. While Evoke is meant for improvements Read More »

Can A Lip Lift Change Your Smile?

Having voluminous lips is considered a standard of beauty by many. But even when you have naturally-full lips during your youth, the effects of aging can cause your lips to sag and increase the distance between your upper lip and nose. This can affect the smile that you have known all your life.   In Read More »

What Will My Face Look Like After An IPL Photofacial?

As a non-invasive treatment, intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial has become popular for resolving skin imperfections from sun exposure, aging, and genetic factors. In addition to eliminating redness and dark spots to even out your skin tone, the light-based therapy can also reduce the effects of sun damage and vascular formations. But before you get Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Evoke Treatments?

Achieving flawless, healthy, and youthful skin is the top priority for many. However, in the past, obtaining this goal is easier said than done. Now, with Inmode’s Evoke in New Orleans, you can fulfill all these requirements in a single appointment.   By using targeted radiofrequency therapy, Evoke allows you to steer clear of challenges Read More »

What is PRP Therapy, And Why Should You Get It?

PRP therapy, which stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment that leverages natural healing particles found in a patient’s own blood. By taking blood from a patient and separating platelets from the rest of the plasma, the expert team at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center in New Orleans creates a serum Read More »

What To Expect From Fractional Skin Resurfacing – New Orleans

Fractional skin resurfacing is an increasingly popular procedure for treating hyperpigmentation, acne scars, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the overall texture of your skin. But what can you expect from the fractional skin resurfacing procedure? What does it involve, and how does recovery look? These are precisely the questions our expert team Read More »

Get Rid of that Double Chin This Summer with Kybella®!

Many of the patients we see at our New Orleans clinic are concerned about their double chin. Unwanted fullness underneath the chin can have significant, undesirable effects on the aesthetic balance of one’s face, which is why Kybella® treatments can help give you the appearance you want this summer. Here, the expert team at Etre Read More »

The 7 Most Popular Areas of the Body for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a relatively new aesthetic procedure that is taking the industry by storm. Endorsed by everyone from your next-door neighbor to celebrities such as Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian, the fat-freezing process provides unique, rapid and long-lasting contours to almost any part of the body. In this post, the expert team at Etre will Read More »

Anti-Aging Treatment Options for Busy Moms

As any mom knows, being a mom never stops. From helping to prepare your darling’s food, cleaning their clothes, getting them to and from social events, making sure they are doing their work and that they are behaving, momming is a 24/7 reality. But this doesn’t mean that busy moms need to neglect themselves. Sure, Read More »

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