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The dreaded double chin: it can be caused by a number of factors, including aging, weight gain, or simply genetics. While a slim neck and sculpted jawline are some of the defining characteristics of beauty, unwanted fullness under the chin can disrupt this important aesthetic balance. It can also cause you to look older or heavier than you actually are.

For those looking to eliminate their double chin, there is now a non-invasive and effective solution: Kybella®. Kybella® is an innovative injectable that works by destroying fat cells, eventually leading to sleeker chin contours. And with no surgery or general anesthesia required, this treatment offers the ultimate convenience.
Say hello to your jawline again with Kybella®, and get a sleeker, younger profile that allows you to feel and look your best.

If you’re seeking double chin removal, contact Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center at 504.227.3873 to schedule your personal consultation for Kybella® in New Orleans.

How Kybella® Works

Traditionally, the only options for double chin removal were surgical. But not everyone is a candidate for surgery, and the lengthy recovery period from invasive procedures simply isn’t convenient for modern lifestyles.
That’s where Kybella® comes in: This FDA-approved method of non-surgical fat reduction is safe, effective, and permanent.

The main active ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, which is essentially synthetic stomach acid. When injected into the fat under the chin, Kybella® quickly gets to work destroying fat cells. Once these fat cells have been destroyed, they are gone for good.

The destroyed fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s lymph system. Gradually, your neck and jawline will thin out and take on a more ideal, sleek appearance. Since Kybella® destroys fat cells permanently, patients can cease treatments once the desired results are achieved.

Is Kybella® Right for Me?

Some people struggle to maintain a sleek chin after weight fluctuations, while others notice unwanted chin fullness after aging. Or, it can simply be genetic and completely unrelated to weight or aging. Whatever the case may be, Kybella® can effectively address these cosmetic concerns. Ideal candidates for Kybella® include those who are seeking double chin removal, but want to avoid more invasive methods, such as liposuction or necklift surgery.

For optimal rejuvenation, you may also want to try treatments that can complement the effects of Kybella®. Many patients choose to soften neck lines and wrinkles with additional injectables, including dermal fillers and BOTOX®.
Whether you’d prefer to have Kybella® as a standalone treatment or you’d like a combination of procedures, Dr. Lisa Donofrio and Dr. Kyle Coleman are dedicated to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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The Être Advantage

Dr. Lisa Donofrio and Dr. Kyle Coleman of Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center have structured their practice around providing individualized service and the highest quality of care. Kybella® is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, so the best results truly require a skilled hand. Using their keen sense of aesthetics, the board-certified dermatologists of Être will customize the treatment to your unique anatomy and features. And for optimal comfort, convenience, and privacy, all procedures are done performed on-site at Être’s their New Orleans office.

In addition to providing exceptional patient care, bBoth doctors remain committed to advancing scientific developments in their field., and Dr. Donofrio currently serves as the President of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and she brings this same level of dedication to her practice every day.

If you’re seeking double chin removal, contact Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center at 504.227.3873 to schedule your personal consultation for Kybella® in New Orleans.

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