Tips & Policies

To provide the best experience for all visitors, we kindly ask that all patients arrive around fifteen minutes early for your appointment. Arriving early gives you the opportunity to see our practice and relax before your treatment, as well as the time to fill out any necessary paperwork prior to being seen. Additionally, we encourage patients to share any concerns they may have with their doctor prior to being treated so that we can best help you reach your goals.

Arrivals… Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will allow time to fill out necessary forms and give you the opportunity to see our practice and relax before your treatment.

Health Issues… Be sure to discuss any pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy, impaired mobility, allergies, recent surgeries, or any other concerns with our staff prior to your appointment or consultation.

Your Comfort… At Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center we want your visit to be as comfortable as possible. If at any time during your treatment or procedure you do not feel comfortable, please do not hesitate to inform our staff.

Shh… We respectfully request that cell phones be put on quiet (vibrate) mode during your appointment. This is for your peace of mind as well as those around you.

Note… Minors under 18 must have a parent present.

Appointments & Cancellation… If possible, schedule your appointment or consultation two weeks in advance. We have a 48-hour notice policy for date change or cancellation of your consultation or appointment.

Monthly Specials & Events… Learn about our monthly events or specials with our newsletters, on our website, or on our Facebook page!

Gift Cards… Gift cards are available in various denominations in our office.

Retail… All sales of skincare products and cosmetics are final. Defective products may be exchanged for same item only. Certain medicines such as Minoxidil and HQRA cannot be returned.

Consultations… Please call 504.227.3873 for more details about scheduling your consultation.

Financing… Visit our office or call 504.227.3873 our office for more details.

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