SkinPen Microneedling

If you’ve struggled with acne and have been finally able to recover, you may be left with troublesome scars that undermine your self-confidence.  Are you tired of fine lines, uneven skin texture or stretch makrs? At Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center, Drs. Coleman and Donofrio offer innovative SkinPen microneedling. With this minimally invasive treatment, we can restore skin from the inside out, creating smooth and even texture.

What is Microneedling?

Considered an anti-aging technique at first, microneedling helps rejuvenate skin by creating incredibly small punctures in the surface of the soft tissue.

As the body heals, critical elastin and collagen are produced. As we age, certain parts of the body like the face, neck and decolette begin to lose these essential compounds. Loss of elastin causes the skin to sag while slowed collagen production creates the appearance of deflated skin and wrinkles. By creating these miniscule wounds, micro-needling tricks the body into kickstarting the output of these rejuvenating elements.

Why is SkinPen Different from Alternatives?

In recent years, microneedling has gained popularity as an option for healing stubborn scars left behind by acne, improve fine lines, or even reduce stretch marks. Patients no longer need to learn creative ways of hiding these imperfections or seek ineffective over-the-counter creams; microneedling helps clear skin by stimulating the natural repair process. This process has been clinically proven and delivers promising results.

SkinPen microneedling has been used with great success. As the only microneedling device that has been deemed safe for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, SkinPen has been shown to be beneficial on all skin types. The SkinPen device has been verified in clinical studies performed to the highest standards of medical equipment.

Like traditional microneedling, the device creates tiny injuries in the skin’s surface to help stimulate the growth factors that produce collagen and elastin. As these wounds heal, the surrounding tissue becomes slightly inflamed, increasing blood flow to the area and encouraging new tissue development. During the second phase of recovery, new connective tissue is created, as well as microscopic blood vessels, and collagen and elastin. This sets the stage for permanent elastin and collagen to develop in the treatment areas, leading to tissue with tighter, smoother skin by the end of recovery.

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Who is a Candidate for SkinPen?

SkinPen microneedling has been effectively used by our New Orleans dermatologists on all skin types and tones. Whereas laser-based rejuvenation treatments can cause hyperpigmentation in darker-toned skin, this device doesn’t require light to restore the tone and texture of soft tissue. Treatment also includes versatile needle length and diverse application. As such, Dr. Coleman and Dr. Donofrio have recommended SkinPen microneedling for almost all patients looking for results without risk of darkening their skin.

The SkinPen Microneedling Process at Etre

Another reason why our patients love the SkinPen microneedling is the easily managed treatment and recovery process. Starting with your consultation, our New Orleans skin specialists evaluate the depth and degree of your condition to confirm the solution is the right one for your condition. During this initial visit, they also determine the correct needle length and the number of procedures needed to achieve your ideal appearance. This can range anywhere from three to six treatments sessions with about a month recovery time between each appointment. The four to six-week interval helps ensure consistent collagen and elastin recovery without overwhelming the body.

Compared to other rejuvenation procedures, the microneedling process is nearly pain-free. At the start of your SkinPen session, our specialist administers a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The device is then applied across the targeted treatment areas, with most patients only feeling the slight vibration of the tool – not necessarily the effect of the punctures. Most treatment sessions only last 30 minutes but may last longer if larger areas are being treated.

Once the procedure is complete, most patients can return to their routine. Before you leave the office, Dr. Coleman or Dr. Donofrio will provide you with instructions on how to care for your skin as it heals and between sessions. This may include using specific cleansers that will not irritate your skin or compromise the long-term healing process.

Recovery after SkinPen microneedling varies from patient to patient. While some experience slight inflammation and redness across the face for a couple of days after treatment, others may heal within a day of their procedure. As such, it’s important to follow all post-treatment instructions and contact our dermatologists if any irritation or redness continues beyond a week after your visit.

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New Orleans SkinPen Microneedling FAQs

Patients choosing SkinPen microneedling at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology will first consult with one of our board-certified dermatologists. During this visit, we’ll assess your aesthetic goals to determine which approach will provide you with the best results. Once we evaluate all these variables, we can give you an accurate cost estimate for this treatment and any associated fees.

We welcome you to consult with our expert team at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center about your goals and desires. They can then suggest the best procedures to do in conjunction with blepharoplasty to achieve your desired results.

We provide an array of before-and-after photos in our gallery for your review. These include most treatments and procedures we provide.

You might have seen dermarollers promoted for at-home use, primarily to reduce acne scars. Still, the process is painful and not very effective. The SkinPen microneedling device has revolutionized microneedling, offering improved results compared to dermarollers. In addition, SkinPen is much more sanitary because it employs disposable needle cartridges.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we don’t recommend using SkinPen. Other patients who should seek alternative treatments include those with:

  • Keloid scars
  • A history of eczema psoriasis, actinic keratosis, or herpes simplex infections
  • Diabetes
  • Wound-healing deficiencies
  • Immunosuppressive therapy
  • Skin with raised moles or warts in the targeted area

After microneedling, you will notice your skin is better at absorbing topical products like moisturizers and serums. While the micro-channels are open, use a skin-calming complex for at least two days after treatment to form a protective barrier that keeps your complexion moist and hydrated.

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