10 Things People Can Do To Maintain Their Youth

There’s an old saying that offers much wisdom – “prevention is better than cure.”

And nothing could be closer to the truth than when it comes to your body, vitality and youth.

By following these ten youth-preserving tips, you can look younger for longer. Many are simple tweaks to your daily routine, that will go miles in keeping your skin smooth, joints healthy, and contours defined.

Get your eight hours

Sleeping properly is the most overlooked, yet most accessible, anti-aging tool available to us. From your youth, if you strive for eight hours uninterrupted sleep a night, you will have lower cortisol, thus lower belly fat. You’ll also have smoother skin surrounding your eyes, better mood, better memory, and reduced inflammation.

To get better sleep, use an eye cover, draw the curtains, avoid stimulants 5 hours before bedtime, and use a blue-light blocker on your device screens. More sleep equals a younger-looking and -feeling you.

Don’t smoke

Everyone knows how hazardous smoking is for your health – but it also dramatically speeds up the wrinkling and aging process. Fine lines radiating from the sides of the lips are called smokers lines for a reason.

Smoking also leads to blotchy, saggy skin, reduces your circulation, and stains your teeth and fingers yellow. Smoking even makes your body heal slower because it hinders vitamin C intake and reduces blood flow to the damaged areas.

Get enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves a vital role in your body function. It helps form the structural protein collagen, which is responsible for bone, teeth, nail, hair and skin health. Not getting enough vitamin C means your skin cells lose their structure and wrinkles form earlier than they should. Eat your oranges, broccoli, peppers, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Otherwise, take a daily vitamin C supplement.

Use sunblock

The sun absolutely hammers your skin. From forming freckles, sun spots and cancers, overexposure to the sun does way more harm than good. It’s easy to spot someone who hasn’t taken care of their skin when it comes to the sun – they have wrinkled, loose, or blotchy skin. Avid this by using SPF 30 sunblock every day.

Eat healthy fats

People don’t eat enough fish or seeds – period. These foods contain vital omega three fats which help keep your eyes, brain and heart working properly. Consider an omega three fish oil supplement if you can’t get enough seeds and fish into your diet.

Reduce or eliminate sugar

Too much sugar means lots of fat and bad skin health. Cut out sugary carbonated drinks. Only eat cake, ice cream, or other treats for special occasions, if at all. In the long run, your body, skin, face and lifestyle will thank you for practicing some self-control.


Exercise doesn’t need to mean training for a marathon. Walk to the shop instead of driving. Do twenty burpees when you get out of bed. Go for a swim twice a week. Just get your heart beating faster than it does while you sit on the couch. This helps with joint health, muscle definition, skin tightness, mood – everything enjoyed by the young.

Consider neurotoxins earlier

Studies show that those who use neurotoxins such as BOTOX® and Dysport earlier experience less wrinkling as they get older. This is especially relevant to today’s screen-obsessed population (who are spending more than 6 hours a day on their devices). Avoid squint wrinkles with a ten-minute BOTOX® appointment.

Get skin treatments before the wrinkles set in

We get wrinkles because collagen and elastin in our skin degrades. With skin resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels, PRP therapy or Microneedling, you can keep your collagen healthy longer, which prevents wrinkles forming.

Laugh as much as you can

Laughing reduces cortisol – the fat-storing, skin loosening stress hormone. Laugh. Loudly. All the time. This will keep a youthful twinkle in your eye, and keep a good chemical balance in your hormones.

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