3 Reasons to Keep Your Chemical Peels to the Shady Fall Season

While long summer days may be full of adventure, all that time spent outdoors can mean extensive sun exposure for your skin. As the days start to get shorter and fall months get started, now is the perfect time to start exploring your options for facial rejuvenation. Chemical peels are one particularly effective treatment that can help set your skin up for success when used during the fall.

Less Time Travelling, More Time for Treatment

While your summer may have been busy between road trips and weekend getaways, fall is usually when traveling far starts to wind down. The lull between the end of summer and the start of the holidays makes September through October the perfect time to undergo chemical peel treatments. As some patients may need more than one session in order to achieve their desired results, the break between major traveling holidays means that you can fit in several sessions plus recovery time all before your next trip.

An Excuse for Recovery 

While we may mourn the shorter days and longer nights, cooler fall weather means more time inside. Although chemical peel strength can vary, all forms of the treatment will leave skin vulnerable and sensitive, especially to sun exposure. During the fall, the sun is at its weakest – meaning less exposure to harmful UV rays, which can damage sensitive skin and undermine your treatment results. More time inside means patients recovering from chemical peel treatment have plenty of time to recover before heading off on their next outdoor adventure. 

Build Healthy Skin for the Rest of the Year

Even in New Orleans, cold weather can take its toll on the skin and cause it to dry out. Dead or damaged skin cells can accumulate in pores, increasing the risk of acne breakouts. At the same time, your skin is trying to adjust to minimal humidity and air moisture, creating more oils to lock in moisture. This results in an unpleasant skin texture that can take months to overcome. Starting the transition in weather off with healthy skin cleared of any dead or damaged cells helps make winter skincare regimens easier to adopt and future summer skin a breeze.  

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