5 Current Skincare Trends that You Should Avoid


Thanks in part to the rise of social media and bloggers, it is hard to go a month without seeing a new skincare trend make waves within the cosmetics community. However, not all trends may be great for skin. If you’re looking to maintain beautiful and healthy skin, we recommend skipping these trending treatments. 

Peel-Off and Sheet Masks

Admit it – there’s something satisfying about pulling off a facial mask and revealing smooth, glowing looking skin. Peel off and sheet masks have quickly become a popular skincare trend in recent years, having been popularized on social media as well as enhanced by the rise of Korean style skincare regimens. However, these over-the-counter masks can sometimes cause more harm than good. When used incorrectly, peel off masks can actually remove the top layer of skin, leaving you vulnerable to skin damage or scarring. Sheet masks can also be dangerous. As they’re administered and worn with little professional guidance, patients may not know how they’ll react to the different serums or chemicals the masks are soaked in. This puts them at risk of irritation and even burn if the masks are used incorrectly. 

Abrasive Exfoliants

Especially during hot summer months, daily exfoliation can seem like the only way to really remove dirt and grime after a long day. However, too frequent exfoliation with ultra-abrasive soaps can have an adverse effect on skin by damaging the cells. Rather than deep cleaning pores, exfoliating creams – particularly those with nutshell particles or pumice – can create micro cuts along the surface of your skin and leave it vulnerable to damage. Over exfoliation can also trick your skin into overproducing its natural oils, leaving you with greasy skin and more frequent acne outbreaks. 

Using Essential Oils Only

Aromatherapy can be a great relaxer after a long day and help soothe anxious nerves. In the world of skincare, new trends are seeing people use essential oils are a part of the daily skin care regimen. While the idea may certainly sound appealing, this can adversely affect skin if misused. Essential oils are too concentrated to be applied directly to skin and even if mixed with an all-natural carrier oil, can still damage skin cells for people with sensitive skin. 

Unvetted Organics

Like essential oils, organic products can be a valuable tool in helping lead a more natural and holistic lifestyle. However, not all organic products are created equal. As more consumers are looking for minimally processed products, companies are marketing to meet demand and using terms like “all-natural” or “organic” to promote skincare product. However, the use of these keywords is unregulated, meaning that while some may brand themselves as all-natural, they may not be. Instead of simply going off the stickers and labels, we recommend doing research into the ingredients list. 

DIY Treatments

While there’s certainly something satisfying about making your own anything, skincare product development is something best left to the professionals. Often, ingredients lists combine several over-the-counter products in order to create at-home lotions or toners. While they may not be harmful independently, combining them without knowing how they’ll interact together and with your skin can leave you vulnerable to irritation and damaged skin cells.

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