Achieve Your Best Beach Body by Summer with CoolSculpting

Spring is here! So, while you store away your winter sweaters and think about the beaches of Destin, Gulf Shores, and Cancun, don’t be discouraged by those bulges undermining your best beach body. Etre has a solution to freeze your stubborn fat away.

We know you’ve been working hard to eliminate that winter layer. Holiday parties and meals have left a toll. You’ve been sacrificing since the New Year with diet and exercise. However, there seem to be some bulges which ignore your efforts and you need help.


CoolSculpting is an advanced technology for body contouring. This state-of-the-art procedure will allow you to freeze away fat, so you can look and feel your best this summer. It requires no surgery or downtime and results are visible after one visit. However, some patients may need more than one treatment to reach their desired results.

Women tend to see their abdomen and flanks as the most common target. However, the neck, upper arm, and upper back are also areas that can receive treatment. Regardless of the area, we understand that you want to look your best. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment which helps our patients achieve the body contour they have been working toward for some time.

Although not a weight-loss treatment, it is effective in permanently eliminating unwanted fat pads and creating feminine curves. By freezing fat cells in selected areas, you will enjoy your optimal beach body and a boost in self-confidence all summer long.

Expected Results

Most of our CoolSculpting patients see a 25% reduction in fat in their treated areas. Although not a weight loss treatment, this body sculpting result will make you look slimmer, longer and firmer. If you can pinch any fat on your tummy or obliques, you are probably a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

The treatment is quick and painless, leaving minimal numbness and redness that subsides in a few hours. The process includes attaching a CoolSculpting applicator to your target areas and letting the technology work while you read a book, watch TV, or take a nap.

You will be amazed at how fast CoolSculpting can help you get your body ready for summer. Slimmer tummy, thighs, and flanks will turn heads as you confidently stroll along your favorite beach.

Not Just for Women

The process of removing body fat for men can also be difficult, especially when the stubborn area is a spare tire around the mid-section. Many men also struggle with enlarged breasts and can reduce this excess fat with CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting in New Orleans

While diet and exercise are essential for good health, they don’t always deliver the results you want to see. Call us to schedule a CoolSculpting consultation and let us help you realize those results.

We offer a stress-free and comfortable setting in the heart of New Orleans, on historic St. Charles Avenue. Dr. Lisa Donofrio and Dr. Kyle Coleman offer extensive experience and expertise in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through advanced and proven techniques.

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