Break Up with Your Razor with Laser Hair Removal

How much time would you say you spend on shaving per week only for your hair to grow back practically the next day. Rather than reaching for your razor, consider replacing your traditional depilation devices for something more permanent, like laser hair removal. Non-invasive laser hair removal is helping both men and women achieve razor independence and enjoy smooth skin for extended periods of time.

Struggling with Shaving? Here’s Why:

Man or woman, shaving can be a right pain for a few important reasons. For starters, American men spend about 45 days of their lives shaving – for women, the average jumps to 72 days shaving their legs over a lifetime. In addition to the time investment, shaving can be expensive. Between buying the exfoliant, razors, shaving cream, the aftershave or lotion, some estimates put the total cost of shaving over a lifetime just over $5,700.

Beyond the time and resource cost of shaving, the routine of DIY hair removal can have a lasting impact on your skin’s appearance and health. While a fresh blade and high-quality shaving cream can help protect underlying skin, disposable blades rarely stay sharp for long. Repeated use quickly wears down the blades, creating nicks in the actual razor that make it less effective at removing hair and more likely to cut hair. This dominoes into missed hair, which can then grow at a different rate than surrounding hairs and impacts the final shave as well as increased risk of razor burn and cuts. Ultimately, these small blemishes can be uncomfortable and cause patients to feel less than comfortable with the smoothness of their skin or their appearance. Luckily, laser hair removal allows individuals to say goodbye to these common complaints.

Why We Love Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to laser hair removal, the use of targeted light energy is the key factor in eliminating unwanted hair from your body. Rather than simply cutting away hair that inevitably grows back, laser hair removal targets the melanin, or pigment, in each hair follicle. This stunts the growth process, preventing more from growing for an extended period of time. After several short sessions, patients who opt for this option can enjoy months of smooth skin.

Simultaneously targeting the growth component within the follicle also eliminates several of the frustrations individuals experience with shaving and other methods of hair removal. Lasers can not only be used in common areas where individuals shave like the face or legs, the precise laser component can be used to specifically target hard to reach hairs without compromising thin or delicate tissue.

Likewise, the use of a laser rather than razor or wax eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs. While treatment does require that patients visit our New Orleans office several times for treatment, the actual sessions are fairly short and sporadic. With laser hair removal, patients can achieve permanent hair loss within four to seven sessions. Best of all, this solution is ideal for almost any patient with any skin type. At Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center, our New Orleans cosmetic specialists help men and women achieve smooth skin with this innovative solution.

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