Can A Lip Lift Change Your Smile?

Having voluminous lips is considered a standard of beauty by many. But even when you have naturally-full lips during your youth, the effects of aging can cause your lips to sag and increase the distance between your upper lip and nose. This can affect the smile that you have known all your life.


In other cases, extensive distance between your upper lip and nose can be evident from the get-go. Even when the appearance stems from your genetics, it can project a look that is far from the smile of your dreams.


That is where you can turn to the benefits of lip lift surgery in New Orleans, Louisiana.


What Is A Lip Lift And How Can It Change Your Smile?


A lip lift removes the excess skin between your upper lip and nose, while also “lifting” your upper lip. This addresses the issue of excessive distance between the lip and nose area in a targeted manner. It can also resolve the problem of sagging lips that have lost their youthful appearance.


The process results in pert lips that have more volume, an improved shape, and a lifted position. In turn, this provides you with your ideal smile complete with full and voluminous lips. Since the process does not use general anesthesia, these benefits also come without excessive recovery or downtime.


How Is A Lip Lift Performed?


A lip lift is performed over the area between your upper lip and nose. Through a minimally invasive approach, your plastic surgeon removes a part of your skin in the area and lifts your lip upwards through precisely-placed delicate sutures. This not only reduces the space between your lip and nose, but also provides your lip with a more youthful appearance.


In addition to delivering a more pronounced shape for your lips, the procedure also improves your smile. As a result, you can benefit from a look that is both rejuvenating and pleasing at the same time. These benefits of lip lift surgery make it a sought-after procedure for those who want to feel more confident in their appearance and smile.


Who Can Benefit From A Lip Lift?


A lip lift is most beneficial for those who have a visible distance between their upper lip and nose. It also harbors improvements for those who want to improve the look of thin lips and need a more voluminous smile. It can also enhance the appearance of those who are experiencing the effects of an aging smile.


If you meet any of these criteria, you might be a good candidate for a lip lift. But even after you understand the procedure, getting personalized advice is crucial. It makes sure that you are moving forward under the guidance of a qualified plastic surgeon.


Lip Lift in New Orleans, LA


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