Can Cosmetic Treatments Be Gifted?

With the holidays less than two months away, many are getting out their notepads and starting the annual routine of detective work finding the perfect gift for each loved one. It is usually around this time every year at Etre, Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center in New Orleans that our staff are asked whether cosmetic treatments can be gifted, to which our team provides a resounding “Yes!”

Cosmetic procedures make an excellent gift. Not only are they truly personalized to the individual, they provide recipients who feel self-conscious or underwhelmed with certain aspects of their appearance to make the changes they want to achieve their long-term goal. Giving cosmetic treatments is as valuable as the gift of self-care. Often, recipients are the loved ones who always care for others and put their needs behind those of their family and friends. What better way to show you value the recipient than by giving them the opportunity to invest in themselves without worrying about the cost of treatment or other people’s needs.

On the flip side, gifting cosmetic treatments can straddle a fine line between highly generous and highly presumptive. Without careful consideration and familiarity with the recipient, such a generous gift might miss the mark and be interpreted as a less-than flattering and even humiliating suggestion. If you’re thinking of giving a loved one the gift of cosmetic treatment, here are a few steps that can be taken to ensure it’s well received and well enjoyed.

Choose the Right Gift

Considering the cost of treatment, the gift of any cosmetic procedure can be a huge gesture. The last thing you want it that give to be misinterpreted as an unwanted suggestion to the recipient that they should make a physical change to their appearance. The best way to straddle this fine line is to pay close attention to your loved one’s hints, comments, and suggestions. Before taking the plunge and paying ahead of time for BOTOX® or surgery, determine if treatment is something the recipient actually wants. While you shouldn’t give away the surprise, knowing that cosmetic treatment is desired and which procedure your loved one is considering can remove the guesswork and ensure your gift fulfills its purpose of expressing gratitude.

Plan Ahead

Even if the procedure you’re gifting is totally non-invasive, the process of undergoing treatment still requires consultation with a specialist who performs the procedure to ensure the solution is the right one for their needs. This can make gifting a specific procedure tricky in the event the desired procedure ends up not matching the recipient’s specific needs. To mitigate this particular challenge, some gift givers choose to give the cost of whatever the final treatment is rather than locking patients into a specific procedure until after the consultation is complete.

Find Your Perfect Gift at Etre

Whether you’re thinking of gifting non-invasive injectables or covering comprehensive surgery, our team at Etre can help you identify the best way to show your appreciation. Contact a staff member today and be sure to ask about the best way to gift cosmetic procedure this holiday season.


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