Expert Tips on How to Maintain your Beauty Routine From Home

Many of the beauty spas, salons, and hairdressers that we rely on to help us look our best remain closed. While this means we likely won’t be looking as good without the help of professionals, and we’ll most certainly miss the companionship from our favorite cosmetologists, there are several things we can add to our routines to look great in the meantime.

Until we feel comfortable and safe in visiting our favorite boutique, follow this advice from Etre Cosmetic Dermatology to look your best, given our current situation.

Make Your Skin Shine

So many people forget that their skin’s smoothness and shine makes them all the more radiant. This is precisely what we can miss from our hairdressers and beauticians. We get pampered with facials and massages that relax and rejuvenate our faces, but we often forget that we can help our skin from our homes.

If you do a proper skincare routine, you’ll be surprised at the results. Start with committing to a morning and evening routine, as your skin’s demands differ between times of the day.

In the morning, your goal is to thin out oils secreted and accumulated overnight, rejuvenate your eyes after sleep, moisturize your skin, and protect the skin from sun, wind, and rain. This can all be achieved with a cleanser, a moisturizing lotion, and a protective cream, somewhere between 30-50 SPF (sun protection factor). This will help your skin look its best all day long while preventing any damage from the sun.

In the evening, you need to wash away the grit and grime gathered throughout the day, unclog pores for your skin to breathe overnight, and perhaps apply an antioxidant serum to help your skin rejuvenate as you sleep.

Use Face Masks

While we stay at home, many of us have plenty of spare time on our hands. Use this time to apply a face mask for twenty minutes and let your skin soak up and lock in all that goodness. You’ll be grateful after!

Watch Your Nails

You can maintain your nails quite well from home.

We know it won’t be the same, and getting that gorgeous nail-art UV’d on won’t happen from your living room. But you can make your nails look dandy and delicate with the right fine nail file and by soaking your hands in warm water before using a q-tip to push down your cuticles.

Maintain Your Facial Hair

The magnifying face-mirror can quickly become your best friend if you can see your beautician.

Carefully see what you want to do with your brows before plucking them – its best to use a fine brush and brush them up first, so you can see the individual hairs, and then very selectively pluck out individual hairs slowly. Just keep the general shape of your brows in check until you can get a professional to do it correctly for you, because over-plucking isn’t a good look.

Hair removal creams and fine razors can also help with cheek and upper lip fuzz –apply the cream or use the razor very slowly and delicately to avoid any unwanted nicks.

Clean Those Teeth!

White teeth make a smile and a face. With some extra time on your hands, ensure your teeth look their best by flossing every morning, brushing twice a day, using mouthwash in the morning, and selecting a whitening toothpaste.

You can use an old trick and place toothpaste on your floss to help remove between-tooth stains also and give your dentist a pleasant surprise when you finally revisit them.

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We know very well that these tips won’t replace your friends and the service at the salons. But we can maintain our looks in the meantime with these tips. For more at-home beauty tips or any information about our services, contact Etre Cosmetic Dermatology at 504 227 3873 or book a consultation today!

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