Getting a Minimally Invasive Body Procedure for Your Holiday Parties

The holidays are a time for fun, relaxing, and reacquainting with relatives and friends. As such, we all want to look our absolute best for the holidays, and minimally invasive body procedures are a fantastic way to quickly whip your body into top shape and be the belle (or beau!) of every holiday ball you attend.

In this article, the expert team at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center in New Orleans, LA, looks at some of the most popular and effective minimally invasive body procedures that get people looking and feeling their best in the shortest time possible.

Minimally Invasive Body Procedures

A minimally invasive body procedure is any treatment that doesn’t require surgery yet addresses aesthetic issues regarding a patient’s body. These procedures often take only the minimum amount of time, and the recovery process is also far more straightforward than those of surgical body procedures. CoolSculpting, Laser Liposuction, Cellulaze, and Kybella®, all outlined below, are some of Etre’s most effective minimally invasive procedures.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that uses supercooling technology to freeze fat cells in localized areas, such as the buttocks, thighs, belly, and lower back. By supercooling the fat cells with a handheld device, the cells die and are naturally processed, metabolized, and removed by the body. This treatment results in a slimmer, more sculpted body area with minimal intervention and downtime.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is a process that uses lasers to heat the fat cells and surrounding tissue in the treatment area, eliminating the fat cells while simultaneously stimulating the healing process in the surrounding tissue, which tightens and firms up the entire region. Thus, fat is reduced, and the area becomes firmer, creating a more contoured and shapely area without the extensive downtime associated with traditional liposuction.


Cellulite, or dimpled skin, affects many Americans. There have been many touted solutions, such as massages, creams, and topical treatments, most of which prove wholly ineffective. Cellulaze is a process that fundamentally addresses the cause of cellulite, which are bands of subcutaneous fat with fibrous connective tissue that create dimples. During Cellulaze treatment, where a cannula (small, thin tube) is inserted under the skin, these bands are released, stimulating collagen production, which creates a natural-looking, uniformed, tighter surface.


While not strictly part of the torso or body, the double chin is something many of us struggle with, regardless of how much we diet or exercise. Fortunately, Kybella® offers a totally non-invasive solution to a double-chin in the form of an injectable formula that is specifically designed to destroy fat cells around the jaw and neckline. The procedure takes a matter of minutes, and results start appearing in a matter of days.

Get Your Minimally Invasive Body Procedures in New Orleans, LA

Looking your best during the holidays is as easy as getting one or more of our minimally invasive procedures, with stunning results and little to no downtime.

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