How an InstaLift Can Lift Sagging Facial Skin

Officially known as a Silhouette InstaLift, InstaLift in New Orleans, Louisiana, has become a popular aesthetic procedure that lets you improve your appearance against visible signs of aging. Excitingly, InstaLift achieves its results through a minimally invasive approach, making it even more appealing to a wider range of patients.


InstaLift dramatically lifts sagging facial skin, which also works against wrinkles and fine lines. In turn, you can enjoy a youthful and refreshed appearance without any extensive surgical procedures or downtime.


If you want to embrace stunningly younger looks through a nearly effortless process, you may be an ideal candidate for InstaLift in New Orleans. To help you understand InstaLift benefits and its overall process, here is an overview of how the procedure lifts sagging skin for your ideal appearance.


What Is InstaLift?

InstaLift uses a highly targeted lifting process that involves the use of a needle with an absorbable suture. With this combination, a trained doctor can carefully lift the underlying tissue beneath your skin. While the needle helps maneuver the absorbable suture throughout the tissue, the suture itself provides revised structure to the surrounding muscles.

The InstaLift procedure results in a visibly tightened and contoured appearance that reduces the visuals of sagging skin and resulting wrinkles. Through this approach, you can easily obtain the appearance of younger-looking skin that also glows from within.


Apart from the needle and absorbable suture, your doctor will use a local anesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure.

How Does InstaLift Deliver Its Results?

After understanding the InstaLift procedure and what it entails, you should now envision how the procedure delivers its astounding results.


With time, your skin can lose its elasticity and fall prey to the effects of aging. But with InstaLift, you can essentially reverse the effects of sagging skin and retain your youthful look. The procedure involves targeted structuring and biocompatible materials, which can provide you with striking results without extensive surgery or downtime.


Apart from structuring techniques, the absorption of the sutures also induces collagen production within your skin, creating a youthful appearance over time. InstaLift benefits not only deliver immediate results, but also continue offering ongoing benefits that may gradually take effect in three to six months.

Is InstaLift Beneficial for Specific Areas?

InstaLift works remarkably well on specific areas of your face, which makes the process adaptable to your needs.


InstaLift works best on the following areas of your face:


  • Midface
  • Brow
  • Neck
  • Jaw

InstaLift in New Orleans, LA

At Etre, you can reap the rewards of this highly targeted, minimally invasive procedure in a comfortable setting. As the only dermatology practice in New Orleans, Louisiana, that exclusively offers cosmetic procedures, we know how to put your convenience front and center while delivering your required results. You’ll see a difference in our delivery of Silhouette InstaLift.


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