How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Will You Need Before Summer?

Beach bodies are made during the winter (and spring). Even if your plans for an exotic beach vacation aren’t until July, these early months are the perfect time to get in shape and achieve your dream figure. If you’ve been hitting the gym but still have unwanted bulges or pockets of fat, CoolSculpting can be a great way of smoothing out your figure. However, how many treatments does it take to achieve your beach-ready body?

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to remove unwanted fat cells in targeted areas of the body and add definition to the patient’s figure. Unlike surgical treatments like liposuction or abdominoplasty, the entire CoolSculpting procedure is completed from the outside. The procedure uses the process of cryoliposis to safely freeze fat cells. Once these unwanted cells are dead, they are processed out of the body via your natural metabolic processes. This ultimately leaves patients with a sleeker, more toned looking figure.

Considering CoolSculpting?

Considering CoolSculpting before a big event? You’re not alone – CoolSculpting is a popular solution for many soon-to-be brides and vacationers alike. CoolSculpting eliminates the need for lengthy surgery or recovery, making it an ideal option for many looking to improve their appearance without major interruption to their plans.

However, there are certain considerations to make when planning your CoolSculpting journey:

CoolSculpting is not an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise

While they may seem synonymous, fat loss and weight loss are not the same. As such, CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure; the treatments reduce unwanted bulges without any appreciable weight change. When it comes to CoolSculpting, patients enjoy better, longer lasting results when they’ve already reached their goal weight and have a healthy diet and exercise routine established.

The procedure doesn’t provide drastic changes overnight

Once the fat cells are frozen, they still need to be processed out of the body before changes in your appearance are noticeable. With CoolSculpting, the results usually start becoming noticeable about a week or two after the procedure and continue over a few months.

CoolSculpting can be completed anywhere but can take multiple sessions

The size of the treatment area, amount of fat and several other factors can influence how many treatment sessions it will take to achieve your dream figure. On average, most patients undergo two to three treatment sessions per target area.

You may need to target multiple areas to achieve your goal

At Etre Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center, our goal with CoolSculpting is to create sleek, naturally sculpted looking figures. Depending on your current shape and treatment objectives, your personalized CoolSculpting treatment may require treating multiple areas, multiple times to create a streamlined, sculpted figure.

Multiple treatment sessions need to be spaced out

As mentioned, most CoolSculpting treatments can require multiple sessions in order to get the best results. If you’re thinking of completing CoolSculpting before a big event or trip, it’s recommended that you start the consultation and treatment process several months before your plans. This will ensure you achieve your ideal results before your big day.

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