How Plastic Surgeons are Approaching Injectables in a World that Calls for Masks

“You protect me; I protect you.”

While we’ve all certainly heard this enough over the past eight months, there is no denying that using facemasks slows the spread of the virus that has pitched our national and the global economy and society into turmoil.

As we look to finish 2020 and begin 2021 with a firm stance, there are many adjustments we all need to take in our stride – reduced staff, remote working, COVID-19 testing, hand cleaning, temperature checks, etc. The rigors that the COVID pandemic has necessitated us to take are all-encompassing.

However, one question that is particularly pertinent for aesthetic doctors is how to perform treatments that require patients to remove their facial masks.

What Treatments will Require the Removal of Facemasks?

Not all aesthetic treatments will require patients to remove their facemask.

Non-invasive treatments focusing on the upper third of the face, such as dark circle correction, non-surgical eye lift, BOTOX® for forehead wrinkles, and dermal fillers for crows’ feet, can be performed while the patient wears their mask.

For other standard treatments, such as cheek filling, and lip fillers, patients will need to remove their mask. So how will doctors approach these scenarios?

It turns out that by taking the appropriate safety precautions, doctors can begin to offer in-person treatments to their patients, even if the patient needs to remove their mask.

1)   Pre-Screening

The first step in admitting patients into aesthetic clinics will be COVID screenings, temperature checks, and sanitization procedures outside the clinic.

Patients who fail the COVID test, have an elevated temperature, or refuse to cooperate with safety guidelines will not be allowed to enter the clinic.

These precautions mean only “safe” patients are admitted into the clinic in the first place, which significantly reduces, if not eliminates, any potential for transmission of COVID to occur within the clinic.

2)   Protected Doctor

While the patient will need to remove their facemask during the assessment and the actual procedure, the doctor administering the treatment will be wearing their own personal protective equipment.

This further reduces the already minimal risk of any cross-transmission, as the doctor will work in a completely sterile, isolated environment to guarantee the safety of patient and doctor alike.

3)   Safe Procedures

The best way for patients to maintain their health and stay strong against any potential COVID infection is to keep their immune systems as high as possible. This means avoiding any unnecessary invasive plastic surgeries during this time that may require downtime or the body to heal over an extended number of weeks.

As such, we strongly recommend sticking to non-invasive procedures such as fillers and BOTOX® to maintain facial skin health and appearance without compromising your immune system.

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