How to Get Started with Cosmetic Procedures

Over the last decade, minimally and non-invasive procedures have grown at an enormous pace. An estimated 14 million non-surgical procedures are performed each year in the U.S. As new procedures become available to treat a wide range of aesthetic concerns, it becomes more difficult to understand what procedures are best for you as an individual.

Unfortunately, this growth has also created commercialization leading to sometimes bad or misleading information. As a consumer it is often difficult in knowing where to go for information or who to trust; buyer beware.

So how do you get started?

Do your research. Ask friends in the medical field; they are often in the know. Make sure you are seeing a physician who is Board-Certified in one of 4 fields: Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery or Oculoplastic Surgery. Be wary of “medspa” type places where a doctor isn’t listed and often isn’t on site.

In many cases, these clinics may advertise cheap specials to bring patients in; but often, the results are sub-par or can result in bad outcomes. Medical society websites like ASDS.net and AAD.org often have patient information and doctor finders. Sites like realself.com and doctor.com can also be good resources and may have updated information and reviews.

What questions to ask?

Ask who will be performing the procedure. Ask how many procedures they have performed. Ask about the risks involved (relate all of your medical history and medications). Ask about pre and post care. Ask for a realistic expectation of results (beware of over-promising). Ask for a second opinion or a recommended colleague (if someone is unwilling to provide another resource, be wary).

Be prepared

Understand restrictions before and after procedures (like avoiding blood thinners prior to filler injection to prevent bruising). Understand aftercare (like skin care after a laser procedure or chemical peel). Understand downtime (like when it will be ok to wear makeup again). Understand timing of results (don’t have a liposuction 1 week before your summer cruise).

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