How to Revive Your Skin For Summer

woman in swimsuit drinking a glass of water

While just a few warm days can lift our spirits, time in the sun might not be enough to revive dull or dried out skin still struggling to adjust to the change in temperature. If winter and spring weren’t kind to your looks, consider these options for breathing new life into your skin!

Cold weather and your skin

The onset of summer can be the perfect time to hit reset on your skin. The early timing gives patients the chance to undergo and recover from more invasive rejuvenation treatments well before upcoming summer vacations.

Tips for healthier skin at home

Reviving your skin for summer starts with re-evaluating your home care plan. Some steps to consider adding to your ongoing at-home routine include:

  • Hydrating your skin from within: In colder months, it can be difficult to remember to drink the recommended eight glasses of water each day. Staying well hydrated can help keep skin and bodies hydrated as the weather starts to warm up.
  • Update your routine: Every season will affect your skin differently. Updating your daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine can help ensure that your skin stays fresh looking year-round.
  • Protect your skin: Once summer rolls around, our patients start to spend more time outdoors enjoying the sun. Protect your skin by choosing a moisturizer with sunscreen and regularly applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen whenever you’re spending time outside to minimize the risk of sunburn and damage.

Bring in the professionals

A healthy home routine is just one part of reviving your skin. For many patients, summertime is a great time for scheduling annual visits to the dermatologist. Beyond routine check-ups, patients can get professional treatments that slough away dead and damaged skin cells to reveal new, healthy-looking skin. Often, facial rejuvenation options like chemical peels, resurfacing and even laser hair removal are chosen to help patients refresh their skin before big upcoming trips planned for the summer. Early completion of these more invasive treatments gives patients plenty of time to heal and enjoy their final results before jetting off to their exotic getaway.

Facial and skin rejuvenation treatments can also be a valuable defense against the aging process. Colder weather and dried out skin can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, making patients look much older than they truly are. Many rejuvenation treatments remove dead or damaged skin cells to reveal healthy skin below while leveraging the body’s natural healing process to help ensure healthful recovery. Best of all, the results of these treatments last for months, making maintenance treatments a breeze.

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