How to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

The four seasons place different demands on our skin, and as seasons change, so must we. Over the winter months, many of us have returned indoors to avoid the cold winter weather. As the seasons change and the temperature starts to rise, our skin begs us to change our skincare habits to give it that radiant shine.

Here, the expert team at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center gives us their best advice on how to take the change of seasons in our stride and keep our skin shimmering and supple for spring and summer.

How Does the Weather Impact Our Skin?

Knowledge is always power. If we are to make our skin as exquisite as possible, we need to empower ourselves by knowing how the changing weather affects our skin.

Environmental factors that affect our skin primarily include sunlight, temperature, and humidity. The variations of these elements, which usually occur in-between seasons, will naturally influence our skin’s health throughout the year in different ways.


Though it can give your skin a beautiful hue, the sun is also responsible for skin blemishes such as sunspots, age spots, and more sinister growths such as skin cancers. While your sun exposure during winter is likely minimal, you may start spending more time in the sun as spring approaches.

Because of this, paying attention to sun protection as you transition your skincare routine is essential. The team at Etre recommends protecting any part of your skin exposed to the sun with a minimum SPF Factor 50 lotion.

Sun protective products prevent uneven skin toning and reduce the number of freckles and blemishes caused by the sun. They will also minimize any risk you have of developing any growths that need to be checked by a doctor.

Some patients already have an uneven skin tone or sun blemishes, and choose to address these issues by choosing one of our fantastic non-surgical options. Spa treatments such as chemical peels, fractional resurfacing, and silk peels can provide a clean canvas for you to start your spring with even, beautiful skin.


In winter, lower temperatures bring low humidity (fun fact, Antarctica is the driest continent on the planet, because there is no thawed moisture in the air!). Because of this, our skin is dying for hydration in the winter months. Accordingly, we recommended using considerably heavy moisturizing lotions to keep your skin smooth and prevent dryness and cracking.

As temperatures rise in the spring and summer, the air’s capacity to retain moisture increases, which in turn increases skin moisture.

This means that during summer, light moisturizing is the way to go.

Keeping Good Products

Many people forget to maintain their makeup cupboard. One of the best changes you can make to your skincare routine is to clear any lotion or cream that has been open for more than six months and replace it with a new product.

Old products, particularly those that have been in use for more than half a year, can bear a considerable amount of bacteria and germs. Applying these products to your skin will only take away from the radiance you want to maintain.

Spring cleaning should also be applied to your makeup cupboard. There is no better time than spring for updating with a fresh stock of lotions, oils, balms and skincare products, and regularly cleaning and changing applicators.

Next Steps

No matter the season, maintaining your skin, health, and personal wellbeing is crucial. We hope that you use this advice from the team at Etre Dermatology to start spring with vibrant, smooth, sensual skin and carry it through the rest of the year. To book an appointment or for any questions you may have, call (504)-227-3873 or fill out our online form. We are here to offer our expertise!

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