Nurture Your Skin This Winter With These Tips

As the temperature drops, so too does air humidity. A lack of moisture and continuously changing temperatures (think cold winds, central heating, hot showers, and baths) lead to itchy, tight, dry, and irritated skin. 

But this is what DOESN’T have to happen to your skin this winter. Although winter is well and truly upon us, it’s not too late to start a nurturing skin routine by following these simple skincare hacks.

How Does Winter Affect Your Skin?

Excessive Dryness

Winter comes with festive cheer, snug evenings on the couch, and snuggling under the blankets, but you also must deal with skin troubles and, for many people, chronic dehydration.

Colder air holds less moisture – therefore, cold winter temperatures lead to low humidity rates. It affects our skin by drying out the barriers that join all the individual cells that build our skin.    

To add to this, because of the reduced temperatures, we feel less thirsty during winter. But believe it or not, we still sweat an awful lot during winter.

Our bodies’ moisture leaves are higher than the ambient air, so moisture tries to escape. It leads to chronic dehydration in many people during the winter months, which further exacerbates the dryness of our skin.

What’s more, internal heating systems dry out the air inside homes, which leads to uncomfortably low levels of air moisture.   

To cap this all off, we love nothing more than getting into a steaming hot shower or bath at the end of a winter’s day to warm our limbs. While this can be one of the most satisfying moments in our day, these high water temperatures open our skin pores, which allows any moisture in our skin to evaporate to the dry air, leaving our skin as dead, dry, irritated, and rough as sandpaper. 

With all these issues, it’s a wonder we manage to endure winter at all. And that’s not the end of it!

Lack of Vitamin D 

Winter not only comes with reduced moisture – it brings shorter days and less sunlight. That means our skin and bodies don’t create the essential “happy vitamin” D. 

While it doesn’t directly affect our skin quality, vitamin D deficiency during the winter months is one of the leading causes of a miserable mood during the season, along with slower healing of wounds, muscle pain, fatigue, and an increased frequency of illness.   

We get vitamin D from exposing our skin to the sun, but in frigid temperature, it can be difficult to force yourself to stand outside for only a few minutes. 

With dryness and no sun on the horizon, how do we protect our skin during the winter? Fortunately, there are some easy answers.

Simple Solutions


The best way to protect your skin from winter dryness is with moisture – both internal and external. 

Drinking enough water, roughly two liters a day, will have untold benefits to your skin, energy levels and digestion, particularly during the winter. 

Another tip? Moisturize. 

We’re all familiar with dry, cracked lips. And most of us regularly apply lip balm. The simplest tip to avoiding winter skin dryness is to find a good moisturizer and use it in a similar fashion to our lip balm. Don’t go overboard. You don’t want to drown your skin, but using a good moisturizer that helps retain skin moisture is one of your best weapons you have against winter dryness.


The lack of sun exposure during winter months doesn’t necessarily mean you need to suffer a vitamin D deficiency. Egg yolks, cheese, liver, and most fish are excellent sources of vitamin D and you should adjust your winter diet accordingly to make sure you get enough of this essential vitamin. 

These foods are also essential sources of oil that help your skin trap its moisture.

Get the Healthiest Winter Skin Ever

Keep your skin moisturized, keep yourself hydrated, and eat foods that are rich in vitamin D: These are the simplest, yet most effective, strategies we at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center can offer clients with dry winter skin. If you are experiencing particularly flaky skin, our unique SilkPeel might just give your skin the rejuvenating edge it needs. To ask us more about winter skincare or any other procedure, please call 504-227-3873 or fill out our online form to chat with us.

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