Stop Baldness in its Tracks: PRP Hair Restoration in New Orleans, LA

For many, the loss of one’s hair can symbolize the loss of one’s youth, and that can be a hard pill to swallow. However, with PRP hair restoration treatments at Etre, there’s finally a solution!

People lose their hair for all sorts of reasons, including hormonal changes, medical conditions, or as a side affect of certain medications, though the most common factor by far is simple heredity. If one of your parents suffered from hair loss there’s a good chance you will too. It’s unfortunate but true. However, thanks to advances in medicine and technology, you have an opportunity that was never afforded to your parents—a chance to regrow your hair without surgery!

Using PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, to fight hair loss is a safe and easy, minimally invasive process. PRP is a substance that occurs naturally in the blood, and contains an array of essential proteins that can restore functionality to tissue cells in various areas of the body, including the scalp. As a result, PRP actually rejuvenates your follicles on the cellular level, allowing them to be restored to their former glory. After a series of treatments, you’ll begin to regrow a full, luscious head of hair in only a few short months.

PRP for hair loss treatments are not hair plugs, and requires zero surgery. It is simply your own beautiful hair! The treatment is effective for both men and women, and requires little to no downtime, so you will not need to miss work and your regular daily activities will not be interrupted.

The time is now to regrow your hair, call 504.227.3873 and schedule your consultation in New Orleans today!

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