Tight, Toned, Terrific! CoolSculpting in New Orleans, LA

Want a flatter belly and a slimmer figure in only a few months? Now you can with CoolSculpting® at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology! You’re probably skeptical, sure, you’re probably thinking, “I’d love a trim, dynamic look and a few inches off my waist, but I just don’t have the time or energy for a strict diet or tedious exercise.” That’s a completely reasonable thought, which is why we’re here to offer a logical solution.

In the world of non-surgical fat reduction, CoolSculpting® has shown time and time again that it’s technology and results are head and shoulders above the competition. This innovative treatment harnesses a process called cryolipolysis, which diminishes fat cells by freezing and shrinking them so your results will appear gradually over the course of a few months.

CoolSculpting can even target specific areas of the body that have proven stubborn, and resistant to diet and exercise alone. These areas commonly include the abdomen, back, flanks, love handles, and beneath the chin.

And the best part? CoolSculpting requires little to no downtime, so you can resume your daily activities immediately following your treatment.

In our line of work we’ve seen hundreds of fat reduction treatments come and go, but CoolSculpting has proven it’s here to stay. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call 504.227.3873 today!

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