Tips for Managing Dry Skin from Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitizing

In 2020, our personal hygiene is at an all-time high. With our hyper-awareness regarding germs and virus spreads, people are regularly washing their hands with aggressive cleaning products. Sanitizing products with 70%+ alcohol, which kill most germs effectively, can be highly detrimental to our skin’s health if not used in conjunction with other skincare products.
Living in this critical time of personal cleanliness and germ consciousness, we must ensure that all aspects of our routines, including our skin rejuvenation, also adapt to maintain our health and comfort.
Fortunately, Etre Cosmetic Dermatology offers this industry-leading advice so that you can enjoy soft, smooth, comfortable, but also hyper-clean hands without concern.

Why Does Regular Washing Dry My Hands?

The skin on our hands is amongst the most sensitive parts of our body, and also the most fragile. To protect our delicate hands, our skin naturally secretes oils and sweat.
When we clean our hands frequently, however, these oils are stripped away without enough time to replenish and protect the hands. This leaves the skin of the hands dry and susceptible to micro-tears, or skin cracks. Once the skin cracks, it is easy for dirt and foreign bodies to take hold and cause irritation and infection. Skin conditions also occur because of overly dry hands.

But I Need to Keep My Hands Clean!

Clean hands are imperative in this COVID-19 era we find ourselves living in, but not only because of the virus. Frankly, hand hygiene is a critical part of living a healthy and active life.
Keep cleaning your hands at most opportunities: after using the washroom, after handling public amenities (such as door handles, public telephones, and gas pumps), before eating, and just before entering your home. This cleaning routine gives you the best chance at breaking the chain of transmission, but it will also dry out your hands.

So, How Do I Keep My Hands Clean, but Healthy Too?

As we have mentioned, cleaning strips essential oils away from your hands. You can help your hands replenish these oils natural moisturizing creams or lotions, but it is vital your use products that are free of irritants. So, once you sanitize or clean your hands, use a moisturizing lotion.
Other tips to reduce aggravating your hands’ skin include gently pat-drying (as opposed to rubbing) them with a paper towel and using proper non-fragrant hand soaps as your primary cleanser.
In most cases, fragrant products can be very detrimental to your skin and should be avoided when skin health is a concern.
If you are experiencing skin aggravation, try moisturizing, being less aggressive when drying your hands, and keep them free of irritants. If the irritation fails to subside, reach out to us at Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center, and we may recommend some skin resurfacing or other treatments.
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