Using Sunscreen Is Great—As Long As You’re Using It Right

When it comes to your skin, sunscreen matters—but you already know this. Who hasn’t already heard about how important it is to protect your skin if you want to prevent major signs of aging? Nonetheless, there’s a lot about sun protection you might not already know. Consider this: if you aren’t using enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass (i.e., one full ounce), you might be doing it wrong. Does this come as a surprise? There’s more.

A recent piece in the New York Times, “You Know You Should Use Sunscreen. But Are You Using It Right,” highlighted a list of facts about sunscreen that many people miss. Among them were tips like:

  • Always apply sunscreen before sun exposure—15 minutes before, to be specific.
  • Reapply sunscreen after you’ve been swimming.
  • When you’re not swimming, reapply every two hours.
  • Consider using smartphone apps to remind you to reapply.
  • Pick products labeled “broad spectrum protection.”
  • Look for SPF of at least 30.
  • Don’t miss tricky spots like the tops of your ears or the tops/bottoms of your feet.
  • Always apply protection to your scalp, the back of your neck, your chest and your neck.
  • Use cream and lotion sunscreen whenever possible, sprays when you’re in a pinch.

If you want more motivation that protection against skin cancer, consider the cosmetic side effects of sun damage—wrinkles, brown spots and other signs of aging will get worse without sunscreen to protect you. Using sun protection every day can give you smoother, stronger skin.

When it comes to your skin, prevention is a powerful medicine. But when you want to restore damaged skin to its original vitality, consider our anti-aging treatments!

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