What To Expect From Fractional Skin Resurfacing – New Orleans

Fractional skin resurfacing is an increasingly popular procedure for treating hyperpigmentation, acne scars, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the overall texture of your skin.

But what can you expect from the fractional skin resurfacing procedure? What does it involve, and how does recovery look?

These are precisely the questions our expert team at Être Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center aims to answer in this article.

What is Fractional Skin Resurfacing?

Fractional skin resurfacing is a laser skin treatment that uses CO2 fractional lasers that penetrate the skin and cause minute, controlled injuries.

As the body repairs these micro-injuries, the area is fortified with new skin cells and structural proteins, such as collagen, providing a firmer, smoother, tighter skin surface, making the treatment ideal for the face and neck.

What Will the Treatment and Recovery Be Like?

  • Leading up to the procedure: Once you and your board-certified cosmetic dermatologist decide that fractional skin resurfacing is the correct treatment for you, you will begin preparing for the treatment.

Treatment involves several applications in the weeks leading up to the procedure, which increase your skin’s tolerance to cosmetic treatments and improve healing capacity.

  • On the day of the procedure: At the beginning of your treatment, your clinician will take the following steps to quickly and comfortably complete your treatment:
    • Apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area, numbing the location for your comfort.
    • Deeply clean your skin to remove oils, grime, and bacteria.
    • Your clinician focuses the laser on the treatment areas, slowly moving it over your problem spots.
    • Upon completion, your clinician will coat your treated skin with a moisturizer such as Vaseline, to protect the skin and immediately encourage rapid healing.


  • After the procedure: Recovery from fractional laser treatment generally takes between 7-14 days. During this time, you should:
    • Refrain from physical exercise to keep blood pressure low
    • Regularly clean your face and apply moisturizer
    • Keep your head elevated when you lie down
    • Protect the treated area from sunlight—most important
    • Use cold compresses and ice packs wrapped in tea towels to reduce swelling and redness

What Results Can I Expect From Fractional Skin Resurfacing?

Once your skin has fully healed, you’ll notice the area is firmer, smoother, more evenly toned, and with more youthful elasticity. These results will last for years, provided you take care to protect your skin from the sun and regularly apply moisturizer to the area.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing in New Orleans, LA

Fractional skin resurfacing is one of the least aggressive forms of laser skin treatment because of how the laser is split into thousands of microbeams. Recovery from fractional skin resurfacing is quicker than other laser treatments, and the treatment is highly effective in reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

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