Why Athletes are Turning to Laser Lipo

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No one is immune to unwanted fat pockets. Even athletes can find themselves stuck with stubborn bulges, despite intense workout regimens and training seasons. Considering how active these individuals are, turning to increased exercise or adopting a more restrictive diet isn’t the right answer. In recent years, our New Orleans plastic surgery team has seen more athletes turn to laser lipo as their go-to fat removal option.

Not all Lipo is the Same

When most patients think of lipo, they think of traditional liposuction. During this procedure, areas with excess fat cells are targeted with a cannula and unwanted tissue is removed via gentle suction. While highly effective, there are some limitations to the treatment. For starters, all unwanted fat cells are removed without much room for highly targeted treatment. Additionally, traditional liposuction just removes unwanted fat without treating the skin. This can leave some individuals with sagging skin that requires further treatment to correct.

While laser lipolysis also targets excess fat cells for removal, the methodology is a completely different process. Instead of simply sucking out unwanted fat, laser lipo uses fiber-optic lasers to target and melt body fat for removal. At the same time, the laser trigger collagen production, helping tighten skin as fat is dissolved. This leaves patients with the added benefits of a more sculpted figure, firmer skin and greater confidence in their appearance.

Why Laser Lipo?

As this treatment uses lasers to breakdown fatty tissue before it’s removed, the treatment offers patients some unique advantages compared to other fat elimination options. For starters, the dual benefits of tighter skin and less fat appeals to patients who have thought about liposuction but don’t want to deal with sagging skin often left behind following treatment. For athletes and individuals who’ve worked hard to achieve their figure, this combination benefit makes laser lipo an excellent option for finally reaching a sculpted figure. As the laser allows our specialist to target localized fat deposits, the treatment can help enhance hard earned gym results by removing unwanted fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise.

Similarly, the use of lasers and extremely thin cannulas minimizes how invasive the treatment is. Pre-treating fat that will be removed helps ensure a more gentle treatment and the use of tiny incisions means fewer areas that need to heal before heading back to the gym or training fuel. For athletes and individuals who depend heavily on training, less invasive treatment equals faster recovery and less time out of their routine.

Finally, laser lipolysis makes a good deal of sense for athletes who have already established an effective diet and maintenance routine. Without these behavioral changes, patients can find themselves regaining fat cells that were originally destroyed during treatment. For athletes, a healthy diet and regular exercise is second nature.

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