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Something to Smile About: Everything You Need to Know About Lip Lifts

The lips can be one of the most desirable and attractive features on a face. With the rapid growth of lip fillers, thousands of Americans enjoy full, pouting lips with just a fifteen-minute visit to their beautician. But while lip fillers provide incredibly satisfying lip-plumping results, these results are only semi-permanent, generally lasting between four-six Read More »

Why a lip augmentation can really make the face

The lips are a focal part of our face. So much of what we do comes from the lips – talking, eating, smiling, laughing, expressing. As such, people pay close attention to our lips, and how our lips look heavily influence the face’s overall appearance. In many cases, an attractive, sensual set of lips comes Read More »

What to Expect After Lip Fillers

Thanks to lip fillers, full, voluptuous lips are within everyone’s reach. A transformative and affordable treatment, lip fillers are injected directly into precise areas of the lips to provide volume, contour and shape to the sexiest part of our faces. As the treatment continues to grow in popularity, people are wondering what to expect immediately Read More »

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