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Nurture Your Skin This Winter With These Tips

As the temperature drops, so too does air humidity. A lack of moisture and continuously changing temperatures (think cold winds, central heating, hot showers, and baths) lead to itchy, tight, dry, and irritated skin.  But this is what DOESN’T have to happen to your skin this winter. Although winter is well and truly upon us, Read More »

5 Current Skincare Trends that You Should Avoid

  Thanks in part to the rise of social media and bloggers, it is hard to go a month without seeing a new skincare trend make waves within the cosmetics community. However, not all trends may be great for skin. If you’re looking to maintain beautiful and healthy skin, we recommend skipping these trending treatments.  Read More »

5 Skincare Routine Tweaks for Hot Summer Days

With summer in full swing, is your skincare regimen ready the hot summer days? These quick and simple tips from our New Orleans cosmetic specialist can help ensure your skin looks and feels great even as the weather warms.  Protect Your Skin For many of us, long summer days mean that most of our free Read More »

Hydrating vs. Moisturizing Your Skin

When it comes to discussion around great skincare, it’s not uncommon that hydration and moisturization are used interchangeably. But in truth, there’s a difference between what these two terms mean for skincare. Knowing the subtle differences between the two and understanding what your skin needs can make all the difference in unlocking beautiful, youthful looking Read More »

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